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About A&D Houtbewerking

A&D woodworking is a Dutch company, founded in 2013 by Dirkjan van Vliet. He had quite some experience in the wood industry and he thought it was time to start his own business. Throughout the years, A&D woodworking has become a great and completely independent company. Very high quality is of great value to the company. In the meanwhile, Inge de Vries, partner of Dirkjan, has entered the company and she takes care of the administration and other different types of tasks at the office. If you have questions or if you would like a personal offer for free, please contact us. And of course you can always come by in Oosterwolde for a cup of coffee. 


What we do

A&D woodworking is a distributor and manufacturer of wood floors. We buy European oak directly from the suppliers. During the manufacturing process the Oakwood is being transformed to wood floors of very high quality, with an excellent finish. We are producing both solid wood flooring and duoplank flooring. A&D woodworking is known for it’s great fit and constant high-quality. We also produce other exclusive wood floors besides oak. Please check our assortment page on the website to find out what kind of wood floors you are able to order.


Benefits of A&D Houtbewerking

Some great benefits of doing business with A&D woodworking are: 

- Always and constantly high-quality flooring;

- Great fitting;

- Fast delivery.




Terms and Conditions

A&D Houtbewerking 

Sleeweg 5

8431 NN  Oosterwolde

Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 57808015


These Terms and Conditions are filed at the Chamber of Commerce. You can read them here. (Dutch version)